The Gifted 000

000 The Most Important Thing.

She was like a spring breeze wafting though the cherry blossoms that colored the tress grove in a happy pink. She was transparent and slightly warm in the pre-dawn chill, and if there had been anyone there, they would be able to sense her without having a clue she was actually there.

She liked hanging back in the shadows. She saw the pillars of the community she had once lived in committing heinous acts; she saw people who smiled public living with pain and suffering in private. Somehow behind closed doors, people became negative images of themselves, put their real selves on a hanger to take out for the next day. Perhaps when they real selves suffered any indignities they had backups in the closet. It was a strange thing to consider, but that was what the world was underneath the big grins and the glossy exteriors. She knew now.

Death had opened up a whole realm of discovery, much more than that channel ever could. She could tell them all a thing or two, but they’d all end up in an insane asylum, bouncing off the walls like rubber balls.

The school she had once cherished lay in the distance, beautiful and imposing in its stone glory. Yes, there were sprawling, elegant grounds around it, with tennis and basketball courts, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a baseball diamond, and other luxurious amenities, but the building was the most important thing.

It was the scene of the crime.

With a subtle shift, she became the herald of winter then, a cold and brittle northwest wind. No matter how much she had learned since she had taken her last breath the memory of her own death still rankled.

The tree grove was empty but it would be overrun with gawkers and spectators soon, ready to bask in the glory of the tragic and stunning Sakura Tsukimori. And among the crowd would be the special ones who were just like her. Well, like the way she had been.

They had no clue. But they would learn. Just like she had. It was the way of life, before and after death.



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